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Reaccon´s Channel Trailer 2018

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First Impression – Ashes of Creation – The Gamechanger?! #MMMOGA

Hey everyone, Finally, my first Video about Ashes of Creation is out!!! Ashes of Creation is an upcoming Sandbox MMORPG, that I am – aswell as many many others – looking forward to! In this Video I talk about the Game in general, and what made me be hyped about it. Also I described a [...]

My little Nightmares Gameplay & Channel Updates

Hey there, everyone! so as you might have seen on my Youtube Channel, i got me that sweet ass Game "Little Nightmares" and I am totally amazed about it! It is an Horror-RPG, which is - besides being scary - lots of fun to play :D If i find some time i will Upload some more [...]

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Channel Update Discussion – Twitch-Stream vs. YouTube Videos

Hey Guys, sadly i dont have much/enough time at the moment to go live on my Twitch-Channel. Sorry for that! I need to focus on creating/completing some more Content for my YouTube-Channel I really hope you will understand that and be patient. Ill be focusing on the Stream as soon as im done with my other [...]

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