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Revelation Online – Grand Bulwark Expert Mode – Dungeon Guide

The way till First Boss:

1. Kill all the trash Mobs on your way. (Marker 1)
Depending on Grade, Gear and Level, I recommend to lure smaller groups.
Cause these mobs can hurt a lot, especially in 3 Star.
2. Watch out for Barrels on your way, if you get too close, they will trigger and Explode.
The AoE-Damage of the Barrel-Explosion is pretty high and can one shot players.
So be careful! (Marker 2)
As soon as you reach the Ramp, make sure your Team will stay at the Bottom.
Try to aggro a few (not all) of the Mobs on top of the Ramp,
and lure them down to your Teammate.
Kill the Adds, then repeat, if needed.
After clearing the Platform on the Top of the Ramp,
You need to roll on “Rock, Paper, Scissors” with the NPC on the left way.
If you win the roll, you will unlock the Way to the Wolf Rider Boss.
To asure to win, you will have a few people to leave the raid and open GB up again,
and roll on “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, which ever person clears the roll,
you all leave the Dungeon exit party and join on them.

First Boss: Wolf Rider

The mechanics of he first Boss are pretty simple.

Skill/Talent recommendation:



  • Lure the Boss to the Corner
  • Tank the Boss there, till he has 10% HP (Position 1 on the Picture)
  • below 10% he will start his charge without a chance to control it
    just burn it.


– Laser:
Boss will channel a Laser into the direction of a random Person

  • This can be dodged by dashing left or right.

– Charge:
He charges towards Target with highest Aggro (Tank) and push it back.
-> This can be dodged by dashing left or right
(but if that happens, try to get him into the corner)
– Foot-Stomp:
Boss will lift his Foots, and smash them on the Ground.
-> can be dodged by dashing left, right or back
(you can also use Lightshield or ShieldStorm)


(Percentages might not be a 100% accurate)
100-10%: Charges, Stomp and Laser, avoid them
10% and below: Enrage, he will charge randomly -> burn it

Second Boss: Twin Bosses

Skill/Talent recommendation:

1. Vanguard:

  • Dragon Grip
  • ShieldStorm
  • Light Shield

2. SpiritShaper:

  • Clear Heart
  • Fox Form

3. Occultist:

  • Nirvana
  • Totem Blast (light Stance)

4. BladeMaster:

  • Adrenaline

5. Gunslinger:

  • Oblivion Bomb, Intermidate Scroll 1 – Skill Level 2

6. Swordmage

  • Ice Block


  • Keep both Bosses in between 10% HP difference of each other
    (You will have an Overview of both Bosses HP,
    in the right top Corner on the Screen)
  • Both Bosses will rotate through their Attacks,
    for the entire time (See Attacks below)
  • Twin Bosses will enrage after 8 minutes.



Melee Boss – Tank ‘n’ Spank

  • Tank Gohn (Melee) at Position 1.
  • He will cast “Dragon Chop”, from time to time (see Attacks below)
  • 80% Gohn spawns Normal Wolves at Position W
  • 60% Gohn spawns Cross Wolves at Position CW
  • 50% on Samul or Gohn, he will cast Laguna Blade, interrupt with DragonGrip, else Wipe!
  • At 35% Samul spawns a Healing Totem on Position 3
  • At 15% Samul spawns a Healing Totem on Position 3


Mage Boss – Caster

  • Force (anti-Tank) Samul (Mage) to Position 2.
    (Samul is a Caster, so he need to be anti-Tanked / pushed into the corner)
  • Samul will start with one of his Attacks (see below)
  • After casting his three attacks he will follow this Pattern, till he dies.
    (Example: Circle > Bubbles > Phantom)
  • Will cast a Healing Buff, from time to time (see Attacks below)
  • (You can see Hearts flying around the Buffed Monster,
    aswell as you can see the Buff-Icon on the Mob.)
  • At 80% He spawns a Healing Totem on Position 3
  • At 60% He spawns a Healing Totem on Position 3
  • 50% on Samul or Gohn, he will cast Laguna Blade, interrupt with DragonGrip, else Wipe!
  • 35% Gohn will spawn Normal Wolves to support Samul at Position W
  • 15% Gohn will spawn Cross Wolves to support Samul at Position CW


Attacks: Gohn

– Dragon Chop:
Boss will do this every 30 to 60 seconds
-> need to be cancled with DragonGrip.
– Tripple Chop:
Boss will do this over and over again
-> This can be dodged by moving left and right properly.
(Liyi Hinata made a Guide: GrandBulwark Tanking Guide)
– Ranged Chop:
He will mark a random Person, with a red Marker above his Head.
After short period, a circle will appear on the Ground,
and the marked person need to dodge it immediately.
(Try to stay away from your Group if youre marked)
-> This can be dodged by dashing backwards.

Attacks: Samul

– Circle:
As soon as it appears, get out of it immediately
-> This can be dodged by dashing left, right and backwards.
– Healing Totem:
Must be killed immediately!
– Orbs:
Theres 3 different kind of Orbs: Blue, White and Purple

    • Blue: DoT-Damage can be Absorbed by VG (LightShield), BM, SS, Occ, SM
    • White: DoT-Damage can be Absorbed by VG (LightShield), BM, SS, Occ, SM
    • Purple: Instant DMG, can be absorbed by BM, SS, SM

– Phantom:
Need to be killed asap, else he will cast an Stun-AoE
-> Stun-AoE can be dodged by using CC-Break and dodging out.
– Healing Buff:
(see Number 1 and 2, on the Picture below)
Need to be cleansed asap! You will see green Pluses flying around the buffed Monster!
-> Can be cleansed by Occ (Totem Blast), GS (Oblivion Bomb)


(Percentages might not be a 100% accurate)

Percentage Melee (Gohn)   Mage (Samul)
80% Wolves Totem
60 % Cross Wolves Totem
50 % LAGUNA BLADE (if not canceled > WIPE)
35 % Totem (support) Wolves (support)
15 % Totem (support) Cross Wolves (support)


3rd Boss: Rock Giant

Skill/Talent recommendation:

1. ShieldStorm (VG)


  • Just Tank and Spank
  • At 40% the Boss will Spawn Adds, and summon a Shield
  • Tank need to get out of the Range of the Shield
  • Keep DPSing the Boss from Range, and Kill the Adds


– Normal Attack:
His normal Attacks have a Push-Back effect.
-> just Tank the Boss near the Wall, so you don’t get pushed back
– Shield:
The Boss will cast a Shield, which will channel an AoE-Explosion
-> Can be dodged by getting out of Range
– Adds:
Kill them

Last Boss, Earkus – First Form

Skill/Talent recommendation:

1. ShieldStorm
2. Thunder Strike


– 100% Catapults will be spawned at Position 1 and 2
Kill both asap, then move to the Boss
(If they attack, they mark a Spot on the Ground, dodge it!)
– 82% Archers will be spawned at Position A
Kill them asap, use CC´s to disable them
(best will be you split your Teams on certain positions)
– 70% Light Squares will be spawned,
try to avoid them, and get out of them asap
– 65% Beasts will be spawned at Position B
Kill them asap, kill them Clockwise
– 50% Mages will be spawned at Position C
Kill them asap
– 30% Melees will be spawned at Position A
ignore, as long as your Gear allows it
– 10% Spawning second Boss Form -> “Back to World”


– HammerSlam:
He will lift his hammer and slam the ground with it (Radius = 25m)
-> This can be dodged by jumping
– Hammer Stab:
He will drag his Hammer to his side, and try to stab you with it.
-> can be dodged by dashing left or right.
– Lasers: (Beasts)
They will channel the laser in random directions, just dodge
-> can be dodged by moving and dashing
– Archer-AoE:
The AoE will hurt a lot, and slows down, try to avoid it!
Keep the Archers CCed, so they don’t cast this Attack.
-> can be dodged by moving and dashing


– 100% Catapults (Position 1 and 2)
– 82% Archers (Pos A)
– 70% Light Squares
– 65% Beasts (Pos B)
– 50% Mages (Pos C)
– 30% Melee (pos A)
– 10% Spawning second Boss Form, Back to World

Last Boss, Second Form

Qǐsù ba = Just die

Skill/Talent recommendation:

1. BladeMaster: Withering Soul (3Star) (for Burn phase below 10%)
2. Vangaurd: ShieldStorm, Light Shield
3. SpiritShaper: AoE-Heals for aggroing CrossWolves.


  • Start tanking the Boss at Position 1
  • Spiritshaper will be positioning at Position 3
  • Short after start the first Jumping Face (Ground Slam) will start.
    (See Attacks below)
  • Next he will do a Howl, which will spawn CrossWolves at Position W.
    (See Attacks below)
  • if needed: Slow DPS around 75%/ 55% / 35% / 15% and wait for the Jump-Phase
  • After each Jump-Phase, Push the boss to the next Mechanic
    (and save your Combos)
  • At 70% / 50% / 30% / 10%, he will be spawning Spirit Wolves (Pos.1 and Pos.2)
    Kill them before they reach the middle, else the Party will be Wiped.
    In case you get caged in the Middle, shout it out, so your Teammates know.
    Do not stand on the Arrow-Line nor the Circle on the Ground,
    this will grant a Movement-Speed-Buff to the SpiritWolves.
  • He will do this all over again, till he dies. So: Howl, Jump, Spirit Wolves, and repeat.
  • Below 10% you will need to Burn the Boss, so try to not go past, until you cleared the Spirit Wolves.
    else he will Enrage and do the GroundSlam permanently.
    To Burn him you have a short Time-Window of approx. 5 seconds.
    So make sure to save your highest Damage Skills, for that Burn-Phase.
    I recommend the BM Using its 3 Star ability “Withering Pall” for the Burn Phase.


– Ground Slam (Jump-Phase): “Qǐsù ba”
The Boss will lift his Arms, and scream “Qǐsù ba” to initiate the Jump phase.
He will do 5 GroundSlams in a row, that you have to avoid because:
He will get a Heal-Stack for every failed Jump (if someone got hit).
Try to jump properly. At 30+ Stacks you wont be able to out-dps the Heal anymore,
and the Boss will start to reset Phases.
-> This can be dodged by 4 normal Jumps, followed by a double jump.
(When he shouts “Ba” start Jump > Jump > Jump > Jump > Double Jump)
– Howl: (CrossWolves)
The Howl will paralyze everyone in a 10m Radius, for 5 sec.
Everyone outside the Range will get a small amount of Damage.
With the Howl hes calling/spawning CrossWolves at Position W.
Don’t stand in the way of the CrossWolves, if they hit you,
the Boss will get Attack-Buff-Stacks.
Those need to be Aggro’d by AoE-Heals of a SS. Lure them to Position 3 and kill em.
-> can be dodged by simply passing by, or walking away from their direction.
– Charge:
The Boss will be Jumping away from you, then Charge at you with full Power.
-> can be dodged by dashing left or right.
– Tripple Scratch:
The Boss will try to Scratch you several times, which has a Knock Back effect.
He will Scratch you 3 times, the third will hurt a lot, so you want to avoid it!
-> can be dodged by dashing through him (forward)
I recommend using ShieldStorm, Fearless or LightShield during that.

(Percentages might not be a 100% accurate)

100- 90% Jump Phase short after Start
Howl and spawning CrossWolves
Wait for the Jump-Phase , slow at 75% if needed.
70% Spirit Wolves will be Spawned
Howl and spawning CrossWolves
Wait for the Jump-Phase , slow at 55% if needed.
50% Spirit Wolves will be Spawned
Howl and spawning CrossWolves
Wait for the Jump-Phase , slow at 35% if needed.
30% Spirit Wolves will be Spawned
Howl and spawning CrossWolves
Wait for the Jump-Phase , slow at 15% if needed.
10% Spirit Wolves will be Spawned
below 10% Burn the Boss!
If you don’t kill it in Time, he will Enrage and cast the Jump-Phase permenantly

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