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Revelation Online Machinarium Raid Expert Mode Dungeon Guide

The way(s) till Boss: There will be a bunch of Mobs and Traps on your way, so always keep your eyes wide open. You can trigger Traps on the Ground by casting Ground-AoE´s (Crippling Bolt) over it. There will be “hidden” Mechanics on your Way to the Boss-Rooms, just like hiden levers, missing grounds, [...]

Revelation Online – Grand Bulwark Expert Mode – Dungeon Guide

The way till First Boss: 1. Kill all the trash Mobs on your way. (Marker 1) Depending on Grade, Gear and Level, I recommend to lure smaller groups. Cause these mobs can hurt a lot, especially in 3 Star. 2. Watch out for Barrels on your way, if you get too close, they will trigger [...]

Revelation Online – Training Grounds Guide – Updated Tour

Hey everyone, as promised with the Project Reaccon 2.0, i wanted to make some reworks on my YouTube Channel! Here is the first Video, i hope you enjoy!

Revelation Online – Dungeon Guide – Misty Hollow – Wrathscale (Trial Mode Lv25+)

Finally! First Showcase :D This Video is about the Spider Dungeon in Revelation Enjoy!

Revelation Online – Progression Guide – Speedrun to Level 40 in under 4.5 hours

Hey Guys, in this Guide i will show you how to "speed" Level-Up your Char to Level 40. In my personal opinion, its possible to do that even faster. But even if you dont played the Game yet, it should be possible to make it in that time! Important side-note: I guess there are probably [...]

Revelation Online – Progression Guide – Traininggrounds explained

This is my first Video-Guide, which isnt about character customization. In this Guide im introducing the Trainingground in Revelation. I will show you all functions of it. For example: How to try out all classes, without creating new chars for that.

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