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Ashes of Creation Guide – Node-System Explained

Hey everyone, my new Video is (finally) out.
This Video is a Guide about the Node-System in Ashes of Creation!
I hope you´ll like it 😉
The Node System is one of the Core-Mechanics in Ashes of Creation.
In this Video, I will explain the basic Functions and the Idea behind this Feature.
You will find information’s about the following Topics:
♢ Nodes in general (explanation)
♢ Node basics
♢ Zones of Influence
♢ distinct (Node-) Types
♢ (Node-) Stages
♢ Architecture-Types
♢ Governance
♢ Elections
♢ Service-/Buildings & Taxes
♢ Tax-Rewards
♢ degrading & destruction of Nodes
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This Video is supposed to be a Guide, about one of the Core Mechanics in AoC (The Node System).
Also i am planning/working on additional Guides about the other three “Pillars”, this Game is based on.
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