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Reaccon is not just an MMO enthusiast, he is a creator of content for his much-beloved genre – MMORPG´s. Reaccon discovered the MMO genre in his early years. Not only did he love playing MMORPG´s, but also the characteristics that came with the genre. Cooperation, dependence and mutual support, to achieve common goals together. All of these were qualities he loved and appreciated the most. Therefore, he decided to share his knowledge, with other players in the future. He began writing his first Guides on the forums of his favorite games. Unfortunately, most of the older guides do not exist anymore, since the games or their forums were shut down. With the launch of Revelation, back in 2016, he decided to create and operate his own website, and use it as a hub and collection of his future projects. To prevent those Guides from being lost. The first contents released on reacconect.com were about an eastern MMORPG, called Revelation Online. Which was Reaccon´s favorite Game at the time! However, at this point, it was not just text-based guides anymore. Reaccon wanted to keep up with the times and thus offer visual content. He started to Livestream his gaming sessions on streaming platforms such as Twitch.tv, and publish his most recent Videos and news on his YouTube-Channel. From this day forward, you can find and use his projects online on this website.

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Reaccon creates visual Content about his favorite Games on Youtube and shares his Gaming-Experience Live on Twitch


This website provides several Guides about Reaccon´s most favorite Games, such as Class- and Progression Guides


News & Updates, Giveaways, Walkthroughs, regarding the Games Reaccon plays,  will be held and promoted on this Website

One of my most favorite Projects has definitely been the Vanguard Class Guide (Revelation Online).
That one was kind of a first-timer for me, but then again it wasn’t.
It was the first really big and deeply detailed Class Guide that I wrote,
and in my personal opinion, it was a huge success.
The Project took me quite a while and was also never really getting to an end,
thanks to the few Content Updates the Game received.
(yes, there actually have been some! lol)
Overall it was an extremely fun experience for me!
Not only did i recieve tons of awesome Feedback and Requests,
but also did i gain a lot of experience.

  • Large in-depth Guide
  • Reaching a broad audience
  • delivering quality-content

The highest Accomplishment definitely lies in another project.
I would say it was one of my most recent ones.
After a one year long break, I finally got back into Content-Creation.
I stopped working on older Projects for Ashes of Creation,
because back then there was just so little pieces information out there.
So I decided to work on guides again,
once the game reaches a certain point of development.
Though, after all the time waiting for that to happen,
my editing skills were extremely rusty.
It took me quite a while, to get used to it again.
And because of that, this one Single Project,
took me the time of 4-5 others back in the days.
I basically couldn’t wait to get to the final cuts,
because it took me so much time.
It almost felt like a burden at some point.
However, judging the quality of the Video,
plus all the positive feedback that I received regarding it,
I am very proud to have completed the project.
That being said, I think that made it the highest accomplishment,
I personally achieved, with my projects.

I wouldnt describe my working process as something spectacular.
First and foremost I work a lot with “presets”.
In turn these presets require a lot of precise preparation.
And as it is, these presets only help partially.
In the long term, they are very beneficial,
because they can save you a lot of basic work and therefore a lot of time.
Nevertheless, new projects come with unique adjustments,
that have to be made. Especially for videos.
Sure, you can always use beautiful environment trailers
as a background for your Videos.
But if you use them in the same order over and over,
without any adjustments to it,
the content will soon look very boring and unimaginative to your viewers.
It is the same for Text-Guides obviously.
Doing proper research on the Project-Topic consumes a big bunch,
if not the most of the time, in my opinion.
Therefore, it is always helpful
to have a note with different sources at hand.
All in all, Im almost certain,
that I have not yet developed a perfect process for myself.
Nevertheless, I give my best every time,
to achieve the best possible quality and productivity.
I always try to reinvent myself each time and surpass my own expectation.
This is the only way I can improve myself and my skills in that process.

Of course, first of all, there are my beloved MMORPGs.
Nonetheless, I usually focus on one game at a time.
All in – so to speak 🙂
Apart from the MMO scene, I have fallen in love with writing guides and working on videos.
It has become one of my biggest hobbies ever.
Furthermore, I personally always enjoyed working with Photoshop.
So editing Pictures is something I do and enjoy a lot too.
And of course, there is always something to do on my social media channels!
But that’s a lot of fun to me too, so there’s nothing to moan about.
There is only one thing I love more than the previously mentioned.
Drinking Coffee! Tons and tons of tasty hot coffee…
it has become my life essence <3

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